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An Open Letter of 「23 million Taiwanese people should be included into the United Nations (UN)」
FROM: The Taiwan United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA)        The Citizens of Taiwan
TO:  The Honorable Dr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN; and      The Honorable Representatives of all Member States in the UN
For the past 25 years, Taiwan has been and is, once again, knocking on UN’s door seeking membership and a seat in this global intergovernmental organization. As part of the greater world population, the 23 million people of Taiwan is without representation and have been unjustly excluded since 1971.
A. Resolution 2758 (1971) Settled The Matter Over Only Representation of China and Is Inapplicable to Exclude Taiwan
 Although the Republic of China (ROC) joined the UN as a founding member in 1945, it ceased to exist in China since 1949 and has occupied Taiwan until this day. In 1971, Resolution 2758 was passed to correct the historical wrong that kept ROC's seat over representation of China and restored it to the People's Republic of China (PRC). Resolution 2758 in effect expelled "the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek from the place which they unlawfully occupy at the United Nations," but did not grant PRC the right to represent the people of Taiwan, nor does it recognize China's claim over Taiwan. As Resolution 2758 was declared over 40 years ago the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek no longer exist and since the Resolution made no mention of Taiwan, Taiwan was therefore not subject to Resolution 2758, thus is inapplicable to cite Resolution 2758 as a mean to exclude Taiwan from the UN.
B. PRC Never Exercised Control Over Taiwan Since Its Inception
 Since the inception of PRC on October 1, 1949, it has never ruled over Taiwan in any way for even a day. Despite China’s constant attempts for hostile takeover and false claim of Taiwan as a renegade province that "must be united with the mainland by force if necessary", Taiwan has consistently maintained military defense to thwart off China's constant threat and has advanced herself as one of the most democratic country in Asia. In 2016, Taiwan ranks 33rd in the Democracy Index by The Economist while China ranked far behind at 136th. Even without UN's recognition, Taiwan thrives in democracy, economic prosperity, human rights, and civil liberty as a de facto independent sovereign.
- 2 -
C. Taiwan's Self-Determination is Consistent with Spirit of UN Charter
 Chapter 1, Article 1, part 2 states that purpose of the UN Charter is: "To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace." The people of Taiwan have expressed clear desire for equal representation and participation rights in the international community. Back in 2008 a national referendum held on March 22 showed that more than 5.8 million voters, which represents 94% of the total ballots, support Taiwan to join the UN. Furthermore, in 2017 opinion polls conducted by Taiwan Opinion Poll Foundation revealed 84.8% Taiwanese polled support Taiwan’s bid in joining the UN. Taiwanese people can no longer stand to be neglected by UN sanctioned international communities. The continual exclusion of the democratic and independent nation of Taiwan and her people from the UN clearly contradicts the UN Charter.
D. As A Dominant Member In International Arena, Taiwanese People Have Contributed In Multiple Areas
 In many ways Taiwan is a significant contributor in the international community. Taiwan is the 5th largest economy in Asia, ranks 15th in the world by the Global Competitiveness Report of World Economic Forum, and ranks 18th in the world by gross domestic product (GDP). Taiwan has contributed over $6 Billion dollars to international health, benefiting more than 80 countries since 1996, and has been making significant medical breakthroughs to share with the world. Taiwan has supplied generously with aid and emergency relief to poorer nations and has contributed to the building of a more secure and stable world. According to Bloomberg’s global innovation survey, Taiwan ranks 10th in the overall ability to innovate globally, and in the 4th in Asia. Taiwan's 23 million people constitute a population larger than two-thirds of UN member states. When the world faces crisis and needs humanitarian aid, Taiwan is always there at the front line, providing relief to Afghan refugees, AIDS prevention to Africa, dispatching rescue team to earthquake struck zones. The continual exclusion of Taiwan from the UN is unjust and must be rectified.
 Keeping Taiwan fully involved in the UN facilitates cross-strait dialogue, cross-strait stability, and cross-strait peace between Taiwan and China. The right of Taiwan to fully participate in the international community should not be restricted by China’s political ambition. Inclusion of Taiwan will help stabilize the entire Asia-Pacific region and making the United Nation a much more representative body. It has been over 40 years since Taiwan was excluded from UN, it is time for UN to opens its door and offers Taiwan a seat.
Dr. Michael Tsai, JD, ESQ. President, Board of Directors, Taiwan United Nations Alliance
Rev. William Lo (M.Th.) The Secretary-Generals, Taiwan United Nations Allianc



56座大巴前來加油打氣.-謝謝 陳建銘會長; 僑委大老 林美麗


9/11-15力挺聯合國協進會宣達團 DC;NY2場;NJ






1. 在台灣國際地位艱難的情況下,台灣聯合國協進會成立的宗旨與信念之一為推動台灣加入聯合國及國際組織,在每年5月日內瓦WHO大會期間表達訴求引起國際媒體關注,在每年九月在美國拜會國會議員,到中國大使館表達抗議,在UN大會前舉辦遊行表達台灣入聯的決心,這些行動透過國內外媒體的報導,傳達台灣人民的心聲。

2. 今年2018年除台灣的立委及台灣媒體外更有23位宣達團團員包括8位優秀的大學生及5位教會牧師一起參加,宣達團越來越多年輕人一起投入台灣國際事務。

3. 敬邀美西鄉親參加9/8(六)下午4點,在大洛杉磯台灣會館舉辦2018台灣入聯宣達團-台灣入聯 民間發聲 美西僑界響應座談會。

4. 邀請美東鄉親踴躍參加9/11(二)下午4點~7點在華府雙橡園舉辦的感恩禮拜及王明哲本土歌謠演唱會。

5. 台灣團結 聯合國發聲-今年9月在紐約將召開第73屆聯合國大會,9/14(五)下午1點~4點在NY哈馬紹廣場台灣入聯民眾大會,及當晚在NY台灣會館的晚宴,讓我們一起為台灣發聲,請海外台灣人在今年踴躍站出來!

台灣联合國協進會(Taiwan United Nations Alliance)

                         理事長  蔡明憲(Michael Tsai,  J.D. Esq.)

                         秘書長  羅榮光        敬上



蔡明憲 -「台灣不能被征服:柔性國力的發揮」





9/11-15 台美人參與-聯合國協進會宣達團 DC;NYC-2場;NJ-共有4場

力挺聯合國協進會宣達團 ;各州巴士;小巴;共乘; 堅持認同台灣加入UN;歌聲+政要+國際人士+國際媒体


1. 目的宗旨: 

台灣國家外交、主權、正名,正處於日困艱窘,人民日盼台灣走入國際社會之決心與意志 ; 海內外身同感受,呼應聲援台灣

2. 海內外:同力協進擴大活動,各地社團配合具名號召各會員參與 

3. 行程內容: 


B.美東行程:如下,另行補充擴大陣容 UN廣場目標千人以上,各参加社團各執社團全名布條;練唱:We should overcome someday;阮有一個夢;台灣翠青;台灣; 海洋的國家;榮耀的日光- -

B-1. DC雙橡園:9/11 -4-7pm  

B-2.參與對象 (200人以上):DC地區各教會,各社團,,美國及各國政要  

B-3.參與方式:向DC 王能祥長老報名 




C-1. 台灣入聯民眾大會:9/14 中午12-16時,地點:1STAvenue & 46ST UN哈瑪紹廣場 

C-2. 參與對象及交通: 


2.NYC外地區:組Bus,民間熱心人士贊助各州bus團旅館費,自行Car-Pool (4-5人或Van7人) 或小巴15人等,補助過橋及路費 

3.各州各地組Bus團 -大會提供免費1晚旅館費(12以上大巴;小巴;3部共乘.)請先籌備告知

-加拿大各都會;澤西,費城,DC,GA Atlanta,FL:3大城,Boston,UP-staveate… 

- 北美洲各地組5-10人搭機來NYC -含NJ Newark機場 +巴士+地鈇公車至1 st Ave(42 street)

- 搭火車,遠程BUS前來 

D.美東 (NY第2處)NY 台灣會館 :台灣入联同歡音樂餐會 

D-1.   9/14 下午6時,地點:137-44NorthernBlvd. 


-認桌25桌:餐宴8大菜;餐費$25.00. VIP位:$250.00(公佈為贊助者) 




- 場地布置組 


- 聯合國政要組 

- 報名註冊 

- 交通組(含旅館) 

- 文宣組 


E.美東 NJ 9/15中午(12-3時) 台灣入聯音樂創作欣賞會,欣欣旺旺餐館 

餐費:$20 (請事先報名)(熱心人士贊助招待Taiuna25名及外州Bus團員) 




人數:70人+外餐座 (另加TV牆同步現況) 

F.美東 NY 2場活動 


2. 各場主持人:3人(含英語:老青壯各一) 



5.主協辦單位:大NY聯合社團,UN for Taiwan,台灣人筆會,各同鄉會,FAPA,婦女會,長輩會,老人中心,長輩會 ;各教會,各社團 '各院校留學生;

6.贊助捐款:贊助支票Title :  NY Taiwan Center







1.      在台灣國際地位艱難的情況下,台灣聯合國協進會成立的宗旨與信念之一為推動台灣加入聯合國及國際組織,由陳隆志教授跟一群熱愛台灣入聯的朋友們共同創立於2003年,至今年已經連續15年組團到聯合國宣達為台灣發聲,在每年5月日內瓦WHO大會期間表達訴求引起國際媒體關注,在每年九月在美國拜會國會議員,到中國大使館表達抗議,在UN大會前舉辦遊行表達台灣入聯的決心,這些行動透過國內外媒體的報導,傳達台灣人民的心聲。

2.      今年2018年除台灣的立委及台灣媒體外更有23位宣達團團員包括8位優秀的大學生及5位教會牧師一起參加,宣達團越來越多年輕人一起投入台灣國際事務。

3.      今年9月在紐約將召開第73屆聯合國大會,「台灣聯合國協進會」邀請美東鄉親踴躍參加9/11(二)下午4點~7點在華府雙橡園舉辦的感恩禮拜及王明哲本土歌謠演唱會。

4.      9/14(五)下午1點~4點在NY哈馬紹廣場的台灣入聯民眾大會,及當晚在NY台灣會館的晚宴,讓我們一起為台灣發聲,請海外台灣人在今年踴躍站出來!



台灣联合國協進會(Taiwan United Nations Alliance)

理事長  蔡明憲  敬上(Michael Tsai,  J.D. Esq.)