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The Untold Stories of NTAMA’s Taiwan Visit 2022 Jung Tsai Jan.21,2023

“ We would like you to stage for the entrance to the dinner party from Dr. Chen, the newly re-elected Mayor of Kaohsiung.” I whispered suggesting Dr. Lai, the vice president of Taiwan as he stepped out from the heavy guarded black automobile with Dr. Chen. He paused a moment and then nodded his head. Awesome! We all took the elevator together and I lead only him out to a private room where we have reserved for his break.

Traditionally, every two years NATMA makes Taiwan trip for the CME lecture conference with Taiwan medical schools, for the governmental branches visit with briefings and for the tour of our be-loved country. This custom has been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When the annual meeting of Kaohsiung Medical University Alumina Association was held on Boston at the end of September 2022 , Dr. Pofu Hsieh, the then-president of NATMA and I decided to attend to consult the feasibility of the Taiwan’s trip. Having their overwhelming support we determined to throw the dice without the definite knowledge of quarantine policy in the early December. Planning was simple but not easy. We began to form a core team to distribute the jobs and responsibilities. Among many predicaments, the uncertainty is the worse enemy. The good hotel reservation became difficult if not impossible due to the explosion of marriage party as Taiwan gradually loosened the rules of Covid restriction and time was running out to secure a large place for big party. In addition, because the Aborigine’s annual musical feast in the southern mountain which we loved to attend was on Saturday night December 4,2022, so we had to change our dinner to Sunday night December 5,2022, that created some wrinkles. In order to attract the attendance we solicited Dr. Lai, to be our Key-Note speaker to receive the late Dr. Lin’s林-洋 speaker-scholarship and he had gracefully accepted. Vice President Dr. Lai was a doctor before politician. All Taiwanese physicians adore him greatly and because of him we are on able to draw more than five hundred people. It is a historical record for the NATMA to have such large dinner party in Taiwan. For that we are very grateful.

The Taiwan’s midterm local election was on November 26,2022 that added another uncertainty. But we felt confidence since it likely won’t affect our dinner, win or lose. Finally, the good news had arrived, the 7-day-restriction was lifted on late-October. So far so good!

My assignments were to assist Dr. Wang’s lecture program and Bulletin print-out in Taipei with seeking advertisements and donations from local Taiwanese as well as plaques purchasing and “cash “deposition to secure the dinner party spot. I have no problem to go back two weeks earlier since I am retired. Dr. Lin and travel agent organized a Line group and bank account for members to join the trip. We finally had 61 persons. We decided a table should be Charged US $1,000.00 to our group and for incentive, NT$10,000.00 to Taiwanese group. We used the extra charge to provide Western style of formal dinner banquet; 王明哲 a well Known Taiwanese Music producer, Song writer ,Singer and entertainer; “Hors D’oeuvres” one hour earlier as appetizer with Strings Quartet. There were also five Oil paintings for auction by famous painter from our member Dr. Shee . So we all had a leisure time to chat with soft drink. The atmosphere was warm and pleasant. The task of more than fifty table-seating-arrangements was difficult as it changed often ,thanks to Dr. Lin and his wife to take this burden. In the end, the collective efforts were impeccable and well paid off. The dinner party was elegant, orderly, tasteful, enjoyable and respectful for all attendants, entertainers and speakers. There were some casualties deserved to mention here, a couple got Covid positive and was stopped before their fly took off, a doctor got minor stroke after arriving in Taipei and one person fell required emergency knee surgery. Fortunately they all were recovery uneventfully.

While I was still working with OCAC staffs after midterm election and before the group arrival, I got a Line from PoFu in New York late night that Vice president’s office had informed him via OCAC that he would not attend the Dinner Party. Immediately my face turned blue. I asked vice minster 呂元榮 he is the highest officer in OCAC ( Minister was out of town.) He seated next to me and said he knew nothing about it. It was a great shock to all of us. I stopped everything and made a phone call right away to demand the mediator to give an appropriate explanations for our five hundred guesses. She also knew nothing about it but would find it out for me. I lined the core team to ask keeping this message among ourself for the meantime. Due to the defeat in mid-term elections of DPP, the vice president’s office had formally cancelled all his appointments for two weeks. However, he would keep our occasion with the following conditions: no news reporters present, not a Key-Note Speaker but a short scholarship acceptance talk and low key status. I agreed to it all at once and re-do all the print-out-program copies accordingly.

Five hours before the dinner, Dr. Chen-the Mayor of Kaohsiung informed us he could not make it and had asked his assistance to accept the award. One hour prior to dinner, again he telephoned us he was on his way. What happened ? The story was that he had an important post-election meeting at President Tsai’s residence in Taipei. When meeting was over he found out Dr. Lai would take Presidential jet to come so he got a ride. Then the vice president ‘s office informed us too that they will come and enter the party room together. Those were another high-tide for this event. The following day early morning we took the bullet train back to Taipei to meet President Tsai at 11:00 am. Sensing the warmth of our back and forth she decided to extend the meeting from one hour to one and half. It was an unusual treat. Guess what.”Plans Can’t Keep Up with Changes.” 計劃趕不上變化。

Sir. Winston Churchill was once quoted ” Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, it’s also what it takes to sit down and listen.” We are pleased to learn that Dr. Lai makes the Listening Tour before assuming Chairman of DPP. In a nutshell, my introduction of Dr. Lai was his passion and love toward Taiwan and I used a Taiwanese proverb to narrate and support his calling. ”If you dare to be a bull you’ll not be surprised if you don’t have a plow.” 哪甘願做牛,免驚沒犂淌托。